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July 5, 2007

A Worthwhile Who

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I’m a Doctor Who fan from way back. I was in high school in the 80s when the nearest PBS station south of the border started airing Tom Baker episodes. I loved the character. My mom didn’t like to knit and I was hopeless at it, so those were the only reasons I didn’t end up with my very own overly long multi-coloured scarf to match the ones worn by all my drama club friends.

But until this past weekend, I hadn’t bothered with the new incarnation of Doctor Who, even though the show is a prominent feature of CBC’s prime time schedule. I have caught a few minutes here or there, but never got a good feel for the show. Then a few months ago I happened on the scene from the last part of the last episode of Season Two, when Rose got stuck in a parallel universe and the Doctor (David Tennant) struggled to say goodbye to another companion. That one got me.

This past weekend I saw “The Runaway Bride,” last year’s Christmas Special episode, starring comedienne Catherine Tate as a bride who dematerializes during her walk down the aisle towards her intended groom, only to materialize onboard the TARDIS. I loved the episode. I thought she made a wonderful foil for the Doctor, and I found Tennant equally convincing as both the jovial and goofy Gallifreyan and the grave and dangerous Time Lord, both sides of which are integral to the character. Not surprisingly, Tennant has an impressive theatrical resume, having spent time in the famed RSC. Seems that’s almost a requirement to convincingly do sci-fi on TV, as many of my favourite Star Trek actors have proven.

As die-hard fans already know, yesterday the BBC announced Catherine Tate will reprise her role as Donna and join the series full-time as the Doctor’s newest companion for Season Four.

So I guess I will be programming a new show into my DVDR pretty soon.

On another note: Sorry for the infrequent updates these last few months, both here and at The 13th Colony. I’m off on a well-deserved vacation for a week but shall get back to serious blogging when I return.

Donna and the Doctor


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