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February 22, 2007

That Little Voice

Filed under: LIFE,Money — Valorie Hoye @ 4:48 pm

You know that voice–the one that keeps telling you to put your fingers in the shape of an L and put it to your forehead. Usually happens when you stop moving/browsing/flipping channels long enough to contrast who you really are with who you thought you would be at this age, when you spent so much time thinking about it at 20 or 25. When the dreamer in you hadn’t yet grasped the concept of failure. Or compromise.

Visits from a Financial Planner also bring out “that voice.” Nothing like being told to get your financial house in order to make you feel like a failure. Not that we’re in bad shape. I just wish that someday I could show a financial planner a statement with > $1,000,000 Cdn on it, and say “have fun.”

That would be a way to tell that little voice to shut the frak up. Not that it would…


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