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April 25, 2007

Captain Tightpants Has a Hot New Ride

Filed under: Firefly,Nathan Fillion,science fiction — Valorie Hoye @ 7:51 pm

Drive Nathan Fillion, who gained a legion of fans playing Capt. Mal Reynolds on Firefly, has returned to his TV roots in Drive, a new Monday night action drama about a varied group of folks competing in an illegal road race to win either millions of dollars, or in some cases, something infinitely more valuable. Fox rolled out the new show with a special 2 hour premiere a couple of weeks ago, following by the first one hour episode the very next night. Considering I associate the Fox network with being the nastiest network of all when it comes to giving quirky shows a chance and then killing them prematurely (Firefly, Wonderfalls and a long list of others), I’m going to hedge my bets with this one and try to remain unattached. But, it definitely has me intrigued.

Fillion plays Alex Tully, a man with a shady past who’s in the race to find his missing wife, played by another Whedonverse alumni, Amy Acker of Angel. He’s joined on the road by (Kristin Lehman), whose parents died in the same race when she was a child and likely, kidnapped just like Tully’s wife has been.

Tully starts the race in an old Ford pick up truck, but by the end of hour three, he’s tearing up the road in a shiny Dodge Challenger, and driving like a man who hasn’t always been a landscaper. Suddenly his character is a lot more interesting.

It’s an exciting, fast-paced show. The ratings are good so far. Here’s hoping Fox doesn’t kill it.


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