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February 25, 2007

Blogging Outside of the Box

Filed under: Technology,Writing — Valorie Hoye @ 2:16 pm

Spent the last two days at the Northern Voice blogging conference at UBC. I can actually say my brain feels like it has been stretched to its limits by so much thinking “outside of the box.” I heard the word community in nearly every session, and I am having to seriously redefine how I used to think of the word and how the new technology associated with blogging can change that definition. I suspect this conference will influence my thinking in ways I don’t expect for months to come. And I suspect that The 13th Colony will become my own little experiment with the issues my brain is sorting its way through.

The organizers were very welcoming to me, having just been saddled with a new volunteer a couple of days prior to the conference. The other attendees and speakers were all open and friendly. Thanks to Dale M for giving me the push I needed to get there.


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