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June 27, 2007

A Final Bow

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Sometimes when I go to the theatre or watch a movie or TV show, I get the sense that truly great performances are a thing of the past. Will there ever be another Laurence Olivier or John Gielgud? There was a sense of grandeur to their presence, on stage or onscreen, that is no longer fashionable. One of their contemporaries has now also left us. William Hutt, considered Canada’s greatest classical actor, died today in Stratford, Ontario at the age of 87.

As a young man he served as a medic during World War II and was even decorated for bravery. He described how the horrors he saw on the battlefield taught him a lesson about the preciousness of the human soul and he felt it affected every role he played from that point onwards. He was brave enough to be an openly gay man in a generation where that simply was not done.

He was an actor and a person I admired. I wish I could have met him.

Here is a link to CBC’s story today about him.


June 13, 2007

A Stage Manager’s Lament (Community Theatre version)

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No, I will not buy and sort red M & Ms for your dressing room. Buy your own.

No, we won’t move that wall on the set just because you don’t like it. Learn to act.

Yes, that is your costume. It fits and we don’t have money to rent a silk one.

No, you cannot have real Scotch on stage every night. Iced tea will do fine.

No, calling for “line” during a show won’t help you. You should know them by now.

Congratulations, you got a standing ovation. Your family came to see the play.

When, oh when, will this damn show be over?!

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